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Structure, Function, and Activation of Coagulation Factor VII

[ Vol. 3 , Issue. 3 ]


Charles Eigenbrot   Pages 287 - 299 ( 13 )


Factor VII is the coagulation protease responsible for starting a cascade of proteolytic events that lead to thrombin generation, fibrin deposition, and platelet activation. As such, FVII has attracted wide interest as a target for clinical anti-coagulant applications. Commensurate with the critical importance of maintaining balance between thrombosis and hemostasis and its place at the beginning of the coagulation process, FVII is subject to a variety of biological and biochemical control mechanisms, among them allosteric influences exerted by cofactors, substrates, and inhibitors. Sites on FVIIa where allosteric influences are exerted and manifested have been identified and characterized in considerable detail. In recent years, a three-dimensional context for the interpretation of these results has become available from structural studies. New X-ray structures have augmented specific aspects of our understanding, in particular the X-ray structure of a fragment of the FVII zymogen. This review summarizes general allosteric behaviors of FVIIa and recapitulates structural findings since 1996, with particular emphasis on the recently determined zymogen structure.


fvii, fviia, fviizymogen, fviiai


Department of Protein Engineering, Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, California, USA

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