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Rapid Translation System (RTS): A Promising Alternative for Recombinant Protein Production

[ Vol. 4 , Issue. 1 ]


J.- M. Betton   Pages 73 - 80 ( 8 )


Rapid Translation System (RTS) is a cell-free protein production system employing an enhanced Escherichia coli lysate to perform coupled in vitro transcription-translation reactions. A continuous supply of energy substrates, nucleotides and amino acids combined with the removal of by-products guarantees a high yield of protein production. The gene to express is either cloned into a plasmid vector or introduced as a PCR product amenable to automation. The main property of this alternative system to cellular expression systems is its open design allowing direct manipulation of the reaction conditions and applications that are impossible or difficult in cell-based systems. RTS offers new promising possibilities in the postgenomic era.


rapid translation system, rts, recombinant protein


Unite Repliement et Modelisation des Proteines, Institut Pasteur, CNRS - URA2185 28, rue du Dr. Roux 75724 Paris CĂ©dex 15, France

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