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Defense-related Proteins from Chelidonium majus L. as Important Components of its Latex

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 8 ]


Robert Nawrot*   Pages 864 - 880 ( 17 )


The aim of this review is to cover most recent research on plant pathogenesis- and defenserelated proteins from latex-bearing medicinal plant Chelidonium majus (Papaveraceae) in the context of its importance for latex activity, function, pharmacological activities, and antiviral medicinal use. These results are compared with other latex-bearing plant species and recent research on proteins and chemical compounds contained in their latex. This is the first review, which clearly summarizes pathogenesisrelated (PR) protein families in latex-bearing plants pointing into their possible functions. The possible antiviral function of the latex by naming the abundant proteins present therein is also emphasized. Finally latex-borne defense system is hypothesized to constitute a novel type of preformed immediate defense response against viral, but also non-viral pathogens, and herbivores.


Laticifers, pathogenesis-related proteins, latex-borne defense, major latex proteins, Papaveraceae, herbivores, antiviral activity.


Department of Molecular Virology, Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poznań

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