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Structure and Function of CW Domain Containing Proteins

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 5 ]


Yanli Liu, Shasha Liu, Xinxin Zhang, Xiao Liang, Kashif Rafiq Zahid, Ke Liu, Jinlin Liu, Lingfu Deng, Jihong Yang and Chao Qi   Pages 497 - 506 ( 10 )


The CW domain is a zinc binding domain, composed of approximately 50- 60 amino acid residues with four conserved cysteine (C) and two to four conserved tryptophan (W) residues. The members of the superfamily of CW domain containing proteins, comprised of 12 different eukaryotic nuclear protein families, are extensively expressed in vertebrates, vertebrate-infecting parasites and higher plants, where they are often involved in chromatin remodeling, methylation recognition, epigenetic regulation and early embryonic development. Since the first CW domain structure was determined 5 years ago, structures of five CW domains have been solved so far. In this review, we will discuss these recent advances in understanding the identification, definition, structure, and functions of the CW domain containing proteins.


CW domain, epigenetic regulation, transcription, early embryonic development.


Hubei Key Laboratory of Genetic Regulation and Integrative Biology, School of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, PR China.

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