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The Colostrum Proteome, Ruminant Nutrition and Immunity: A Review

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 1 ]


Lorenzo E. Hernandez-Castellano, Andre M. Almeida, Noemi Castro and Anastasio Arguello   Pages 64 - 74 ( 11 )


In this review authors address colostrum proteins implications in different domestic ruminant species. The colostrogenesis process and how different factors, such as litter size or nutrition during gestation can alter the different components concentrations in colostrum are also reviewed. The different colostrum fractions will be described, focusing on high and low abundant proteins. This review describes the major function of such proteins and their role on the passive immune transfer and nutrition in the newborn animal. It will be also performed a comprehensive review on different techniques and commercial kits available for high abundant protein depletion in colostrum. We will finally focus on how proteomics has been used to address this issue and how it can contribute to the major questions about colostrum associated immunology.


Colostrum, depletion, immune system, low abundant proteins, proteomics.


Department of Animal Science, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Arucas, Gran Canaria, Spain.

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